Samantha 43 Facelift Neck Lift Brow lift Surgery

Samantha is young to consider surgical rejuvenation.She is a slim lady who wanted to regain her mid facial volume and slim her jawline to fit her naturally athletic physique. She would be a candidate for filler volumisation but this wouldn’t have addressed her lower facial third squaring or excess facial skin laxity. After careful consideration we undertook a face and neck lift and temporal brow lift to help her achieve the facial proportions she sought.

Morning after Facelift, Neck Lift, Brow lift Surgery

Surgery went really well yesterday. Sam will have a whopper of a bruise on her right eye but this should settle by 10 days to 2 weeks. Facelifting always amazes me. The old adage ’never judge a book by its cover' certainly rings true. In the younger demographic I often remove comparatively more skin after the underlying lax musculature has been addressed and this was the case in Sam. At this super early stage her new sculpted lower facial third and jawline is apparent as is the restoration of mid facial volume. She should have a really nice result, but in the meantime she has a week long date with icepacks, a facial support garment and netflix!

One week after surgery

Samantha came back to see me today for removal of her stitches a week after surgery. Poor thing, that is a big bruise! It has surfaced yellow which means she will have a few days more before it goes. The darker bruises have been lasered which should speed up her recovery. Other than her bruising (which has probably migrated from a small vessel from her right brow) she is doing brilliantly and is progressing well. Her new face shape is already apparent and should improve as swelling subsides. Her earlobes are also sticking out and swollen, something I am asked about every week! now the stitches have been removed they will shrink and normalise. Eagle eyed watchers will see Sam's central neck mole was removed in surgery too and it marks the elevation achieved in her neck. She should have a brilliant result.

One month after surgery

Sam is back at four weeks and looking great, Incisions healing beautifully and most of her bruising gone although a little yellow persists by her right brow but easily coverable. Her facial proportions are lovely, a previously flat mid face is now appropriately volumised which improves her lower eyelid hollowing and eyelid shape. She has a nice 3/4 view curve that softens the previous squaring of her jawline and her skin laxity is perfectly addressed. Really pleased she has had such a nice result and now looks as young as she feels!

Three months after surgery

Sam 12 weeks out from her face neck and brow lift is looking better than I have ever seen her. She has settled beautifully into her new face which looks less drawn and and fresher. Her mid facial volume persists giving lovely balance to her face. Her scars have healed inconspicuously as can be seen in the photos taken today below.