Sharon, 52; Facelift, neck lift, brow lift surgery

Sharon was a model in her younger days and has an incredible portfolio of model shots which she brought with her to clinic. A smoking habit and years of sun exposure was showing on her face and she asked my opinion on how to rejuvenate her face. The main issues were skin laxity and skin quality. If Sharon agreed to pack up the cigarettes and start a skin care program I felt I could help with a face, neck and brow lift. She did this amazingly quickly so here is her story.

Morning after Facelift, neck lift, brow lift surgery

Whilst Sharon’s surgery was fairly straight forward technically speaking, the blood flow to her skin was really poor. Smokers are at more risk of necrosis and immediately after surgery Sharon’s skin flaps had really sluggish blood supply despite me taking all the necessary technical precautions in surgery I decided to apply nitroglycerin paste to encourage blood flow. This will have given Sharon a cracking headache overnight but on these day one pictures it has worked beautifully and there is normal blood flow to the skin. Looking particularly alien and swollen as all slim faced patients do - she should be on the way to a lovely result.

One week after surgery

A week out and Sharon is doing really well. the swelling is starting to disappear and the bruising has turned yellow on its way out. Her scars are looking clean and healthy and there is good blood flow throughout. The lateral brow elevation has really opened her eyes nicely.

One month after surgery

4 weeks from surgery and Sharon is back in clinic for review. She is looking fantastic. Most of her swelling has now gone and her scars are healing really well. A lovely freshly rejuvenated face which should now benefit from skincare to exfoliate of the old damaged skin and encourgage new healthy skin to turnover. So far a really lovely result.