Stephanie 54, Face lift, necklift, upper brow lift, eyelid blepharoplasty surgery

Steph is a nurse who came for advice about rejuvenating and freshening her look. Her mid facial soft tissue had descended which left her with hollow eyes and a heavy lower facial third. We decide to undertake and Face and neck lift, Lateral temporal brow lift and upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty. I finished with C02  periorbital laser resurfacing 

Morning after Face lift, necklift, upper brow lift, eyelid blepharoplasty surgery

These photos are taken about 12 hours after Steph’s surgery. Expectedly swollen but already her facial profile is much better. Good mid facial volumisation and a defined jawline. Her brow has been lifted and upper and lower eyelids reduced to globally open her eyes. The laser will crust over the next few days and the new skin will be red at her weekly review. 

Five days after surgery

Stephanie came back for removal of her eyelid stitches today. Considering the number of procedures she underwent only 5 days ago, there is remarkably little bruising. Her under eye laser is now crusting which is normal for a medium depth resurfacing. A little swelling in the mid face will resolve as she progresses over the next few days, with removal of her facial sutures but already we can she the pleasing change in her facial proportion, jaw and neck lines and a delicate arch to her browline

Seven days after surgery

2 days later Steph is back for removal of her facial stitches. What a different a couple of days makes. Her lower lid C02 laser crusts have come off leaving lovely smooth wrinkle free skin. The last of the bruising and eyelid scabs should be gone by the end of the weekend and then she is back to work. Steph couldn’t stop smiling today, infact taking these photos not smiling took some time! Quite right too, she looks fantastic and is almost ready to face the world again.

One month after surgery

Steph is back for her one month check up. Work colleagues keep commenting on how well she looks but cant put their finger on it. Perfect! She looks fantastic. Volumised, proportionate and rejuvenated. Steph’s incisions are healing well, still red but these will contract and fade over the next few weeks.