Darren; 46, Facelift, Neck lift, Liposuction, Upper lids, Laser Surgery

Darren is a great guy. He insisted even before his surgery that his photos were put up here to help other guys!  He came to see me about freshening his appearance which didn’t match his outlook and lifestyle. A structurally strong face, he had accumulated fat around his neck and jawline, the weight of which had caused his facial soft tissue volume to drop. We undertook a face and neck lift and submental fat clearance to restore a more youthful sculpted face and I performed an upper blepharoplasty and lower lid C02 laser to rejuvenate his periorbital complex. Here is his story.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Liposuction, Upper lids, Laser Surgery

Darren’s surgery went brilliantly. I had to make a small incision under his chin to clear the last remaining fat pocket that the suction cannula wouldn’t budge. He jaw and necklines are brilliantly sculpted and his eyes are already looking fresher even at this very early stage. Expecting some bruising to come out in the neck over the next few days as I really did quite a lot of work here but looking forward to seeing his progress. He should look fantastic and at least a decade younger.

Five days after surgery

At 5 days out from surgery Darren is healing really quickly. Men tend to recover quicker from facial surgery due to thicker more vascularised skin. Bruising coming out nicely in the neck which if present at a week I will laser. Eyelids are beautifully head and stitches come out today, the laser has now peeled under his eyes and is healing normally. Darren is on track for a cracking result. 

One week after surgery

Darren a couple of days later is back for removal of his facial stitches. Healing very quickly with minimal bruising considering I removed the equivalent of a coke can of fat volume from his neck and jawline. Darren’s facial shape is youthful and sharp, and his eyes are nicely defined. Darren’s tells me he is going out tonight to his club - I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets ID’d at the bar! 

Five weeks after surgery

It was great to see Darren again today. He is now 5 weeks out from his surgery and healing brilliantly. Having spent the last week in the sun he is tanned but tells me he was meticulous with sun protection on his young scars whilst away. Darren’s new face shape is holding nicely, his jowls and neck fullness are gone and his jaw and neck lines are sharply defined. The upper eyelid surgery has really opened his eyes completing his rejuvenation. The scar line remains a little red, especially after I have removed a few stitch remnants! but these should contract and fade over the next few weeks.