Lynne, 59; Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

Lynne had already had 2 previous facelifts and her upper eyelids rejuvenated when she sought my advice about her midline neck and facial proportions. A petite attractive lady who already looked years younger than her chronological age, she had a very tight mid face where I suspect her previous facelifts had been a backwards vector pull. We discussed revision surgery with the aim of improving the volumisation of her mid face by re-vectoring her lift. The aim being a more attractive natural, but not necessarily younger face. I also lifted her lateral brow to really define her stunning eyes. This is her journey.

Morning after Facelift, Neck lift, Brow lift surgery

As suspected the backwards tension in Lynne’s mid face was significant. After re-orientating the underlying soft tissue it was very difficult to get skin to skin. Infact I barely removed any skin from her facing had to put a little more tension on the scar to suture the skin together. This is why, coupled with her petite features, Lynne looks a little alien at day one and more pulled than usual. Despite this she had the indications of a really nice result. Her lower third is much better defined and she now has attractive volume in the mid face. Her brow will even out nicely once the local anaesthetic effect wears off.

One week after surgery

Lynne is back at 7 days for removal of her sitches. She is looking much less pulled as the swelling subsides. Nicely defined in the mid and lower face and her lateral brow elevation is going to be great. A little more healing to do though, I look forward to seeing her at a month 

Three weeks after surgery

Wow! just three weeks later and Lynne has been healing extraordinarily quickly. She has settled into her new face beautifully and looks fantastic. I go on and on about mid facial volume and in my humble opinion it is key to an attractive face. Volumisation of the mid face alone with injectables in the presence of descended lower facial soft tissue can look fake and awful but re-siteing that lower facial volume into the middle third achieves a balanced harmonious face as in Lynne’s case. I am particularly pleased with her brow lift, it has made all the difference to framing of her eyes. Despite the tension on her skin her scars are healing remarkably as seen below.

Eight months after surgery

Lynne is back down to London to see me almost 9 months after revision facial surgery. She looks fantastic - beautifully healed and proportionate. The reduction in lower facial third and contingent volumisation of her mid face and lateral brow elevation has really given harmony to her face. Next we plan to do a little pinch and laser to her lower eyelids - not that I think she really needs it!